Make painting more fun and easier with these smart tips! Painting: for one person it is a hell of a job and for the other a relaxing activity. But everyone knows that a residential painting job is not always easy. That is why we have a few useful tips. This makes it easier for everyone!

1. Color stress

Finding the right wall color is quite a task. Avoid a miss and always orient first using a number of paint samples. You can take the samples for free from our hardware stores and then compare them to the right ambient light at home. This way you can make an informed choice. Apply the different colors next to each other on the wall, so you can see which fits best with your interior.

2. Even blow-dry

Do you paint one wall in a specific color? Then, of course, you want the lines to be clean and tidy. To ensure that you do not stain when removing the masking tape, it is useful to take the hair dryer. This heats the adhesive from the tape, making it easy to release. Always pull the tape at a 90-degree angle.

3. Pack it!

Frames and skirting boards can be conveniently covered with masking tape, but doorknobs are already a lot trickier. Tip: wrap them in the aluminum foil. So you see that this household item always comes in handy again! Also handy: avoid dirty paint trays by packing them with aluminum. When you have finished painting, remove the foil and the container is clean.

4. Tight edges

Do you want to apply the paint on the wall very tightly without sloppy edges? Then make a notch on the edge with a knife so that the paint does not run through, but ends up in the groove!

5. Also in the corners

In some places, it is difficult to paint. For example behind the heating or behind the toilet bowl. And you do not move that easily. This trick is therefore perfect to paint the spots behind fixed objects. Smart!

6. On high legs

Do you want to paint the bottom of, for example, chair legs? By hitting small nails in the legs, you let the chair ‘float’. So you can also provide the bottom with a lick of paint.

7. In the wax

Handles, towel hangers and other small ‘bulges’ are difficult to stick off. Do you still want to protect these spots from paint splashes and messes? Then grease the surface with Vaseline. This way you can easily remove the paint.

8. Tasty storage

Time for a break! But where do you put the wet brushes down? Use an open milk bottle or an empty Pringles canister. Finally an excuse to eat it completely empty …

9. The correct dosage

How do you brush paint off your brush without all of the paint running over the edge of the pot? Using an elastic band, for example. This is the trick to ensure that there is never too much paint on your brush and that everything stays tidy.

10. Clean fingers

Did you get dirty hands from painting? Rub your hands with coffee grounds and some normal hand soap. That way you can easily clean them again!

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