If you have an unwanted popcorn ceiling or some kind of ceiling texture in your house, you might be wondering how you are about removing it. The ceiling of the popcorn used to be very popular years ago, but not so much more. It is important to understand that a ceiling can contain popcorn asbestos. Before disturbing the popcorn ceiling, you need a sample of the texture of the ceiling first in a lab tested first.

The abolition of a popcorn ceiling gets a nice new flat appearance after painting. Removing popcorn from a ceiling is a sloppy job and requires physical effort. If you are uncomfortable with messy working conditions, you should hire someone to do the job.

These are the steps to follow when removing a popcorn ceiling.

What you need

    • large tape knives for scraping
    • 4-8 ft. step ladder or a roll and fold cart or scaffolding
    • sandpaper
    • sanding blocks
    • painters expansion pool
    • shave the head
    • Dust mask or gas mask
    • protective glasses
    • gloves
    • working clothes
    • painters tape and plastic
    • drop clothing
  • Shop-vac

Decide whether removing the texture of your ceiling is even a good choice to start with. A ceiling of popcorn hides imperfections of the plasterboard or damaged areas. Stand on a ladder and examine the ceiling of the popcorn in your house. Here you can see gypsum boards of wavy and uneven surfaces. These plasterboard defects will be more noticeable after the removal of the popcorn and the painting finished.

Avoid removing the popcorn ceiling if there is concrete underneath. Many lofts and condos are constructed with concrete ceilings and ceiling texture is sprayed over it to hide it. These ceilings have very large sectional grooves in them and they will be exposed after removing the texture from the ceiling. Sometimes concrete ceilings also have repair patches on them, which are normally hidden with ceiling texture.

Complete all the proper prep work before scraping out the ceiling popcorn. First, protect the floors in your home. Covering the floors with plastic is better because you can fold it at the end of the job for easier removal. Popcorn ceiling removal gets very messy, so make sure you include everything.

Remove smaller furniture from the room if you can, before scraping the popcorn ceiling, Drape plastic painters about things that can not be moved and use blue painters tape to make it safe. Remove as many things from the room as you can so that there is more room to work.

Begin scraping the popcorn ceiling. Wear a mask when scraping and sanding. Ceiling texture is made of styrene particles, which is harmful on inhalation. Use an extension pole painters and tape a large scraper or tape knife at the end of it. Wrap the band around it tightly so that it does not fall off. From the ground, expanding the pool at the desired height and starting to scrape the popcorn ceiling back and forth.

The ceiling of the popcorn after slitting the sand. Sand so the barns easier and faster, it from the ground, using a sanding head on a pole of the painters. Use 80 grit sandpaper for faster results. You only have the sand enough, so it is smooth and ready for skim coating.

Begin skim coating (patching) the popcorn ceiling. Examine the yellow colored Plus 3 compound before coat the popcorn ceiling taping. Use the Plus 3 product sold in the blue box or bucket. This saves time because it is already mixed and it is also easier to sand.

Use a ladder step, scaffold or a cart to work on the ceiling of the popcorn. The roll and fold carts are best used because they save time and energy.

As soon as everything is dry, the popcorn ceiling will begin to rub for the last time. Do not forget to wear a gas mask because sanding dust is really bad for your lungs.

Dust down the ceiling and paint. Removing a popcorn ceiling is a sloppy job, but once completed, you will need a new room, free ceiling texture.

Tips & warnings

    • use a cart on wheels to finish the popcorn ceiling
    • Use a linked to a pole for easier scraping scraper
    • use yellow Plus 3 for faster and easier sanding
    • wear a gas mask at all times when scraping or sanding
    • sanding dust is dangerous for breathing
    • Watch out for lighting on the ceiling
  • Make sure that everything is covered with plastic before scraping

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