Finally, the dream tint found for your chest of drawers, but hard to choose between the different nuances? No need: just use them all. Handy for doubters and you keep a unique cupboard over with cabinet painting.

Tip: Buying a pot of paint to paint one drawer each time? Do more with your purchase: also give a few other objects the same color. A chair, side tables or vases: everything is possible! Alternate the different nuances, so you create a subtle feeling of harmony.

Colorful crate case

Paint first, then build! This is by far the easiest and most flexible self-assembly unit ever. And the nice thing is: you can change your building as often as you want. Ideal for a rental home.

Tip: Turn a few crates with your back forward and your cupboard gets more depth and character.


A vintage cabinet inherited or spotted at the flea market? Give the showpiece a contemporary look by subtly playing with color areas in fifties pastel shades. To preserve the atmosphere of the cabinet, leave some pieces of wood in their original state.

On a cloud

It is often in the details: with a lick of paint and a simple trompe l’oeil effect, a boring bedside table wins style and cuteness!

Step-by-step plan + extra video ‘How do you paint a wooden cabinet?’

This is how you paint it:

1) Clean and degrease the box
2) Stick the parts that you are not going to paint with tape and screw the handles and knobs of the cabinet.
3) Is the cabinet of untreated wood? Sand everything up with sandpaper grit P120 and then with grit P180. Dust thoroughly and give the wood a layer of primer. Was the wood already painted? Then sand lightly with grit P180 and dust.
4) Paint the different color areas in two layers with a paint roller. Use a brush for the edges if necessary.
5) Light up between the different layers for a perfect result.

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