For the removal of small cracks and the rapid leveling of your entire wall, you can use paintable wallpaper such as non-woven wallpaper. An additional advantage is that your wall is extra protected against bumps and damage. Read further some tips and steps to apply wallpapers on your walls.

Apply non-woven wallpaper

Step 1 – Start from a well-prepared surface and make sure you can work at a constant temperature (otherwise you run the risk that the seams will reopen afterward). If necessary, apply a suitable primer for new plaster and plasterboard for a durable result.

Step 2 – Cut the necessary strips of non-woven wallpaper for the right dimensions (= height of the wall + 10 cm).

Step 3 – Work job per job in the same way. First, apply glue to the wall with a long-haired roll and distribute it as evenly as possible.

Step 4 – Hang the first strip of non-woven wallpaper against the wall and let it protrude against the ceiling and at the bottom. Press the wallpaper with a pressure roller (which you use for the seams) or wallpaper spatula.

Step 5 – Continue working until the entire wall is hung. Stick the next strip exactly against the edge of the previous one and always push from the inside out.

Step 6 – Remove any adhesive residue immediately with a damp cloth. Cut the top and bottom edges with a sharp cutter knife.

There are different types of paintable wallpaper:

Glass fabric or fiberglass wallpaper

    • Based on glass wool
    • With a typical diamond structure
    • Strong and durable
  • Easy to paint

Glass woven wallpaper

    • Based on glass wool
    • Plain
    • Suitable for walls and ceiling
  • Easy to paint

Non-woven wallpaper

    • Based on cellulose and polyester, so not irritating.
    • Easy to apply and remove again.
    • Available in different versions (solid, structured, with motif …).
  • Easy to paint.

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