Paint can be subdivided into alkyd paint and acrylic paint. Alkyd paint, also known as a turpentine base, is a paint that is basically only used outdoors. Alkyd paint actually contains too many solvents for indoor use and its use is therefore recommended for outdoor jobs. If you choose to use alkyd paint in an indoor space, make sure you ventilate well. A reason to choose alkyd paint is that it usually covers better and is easier to paint over than acrylic paint. Alkyd paint is available in high gloss and satin finish. Generally applies; the more shine, the easier to clean. A matter-of-fact variant, however, shows fewer irregularities of the subsurface. Ace Painting Pros Raleigh NC gives you ideas to choose best color for your home.

Acrylic paint (water-based)

Acrylic paint is water-based paint and therefore better for health. In addition, acrylic paint smells much less strongly and dries considerably faster than alkyd paint. For this reason, acrylic paint is very suitable for indoor use. Acrylic paint does not cover as well as alkyd paint, it is, therefore, important to sand the surface well and apply a primer. Acrylic paint must also be completely removed before it can be painted over because a new layer will not or will not stick properly.


Latex is the most commonly used wall paint and paintable. Wall paint and latex can be used on the same surfaces. Ceiling paint can be used for wall and wall paint for the ceiling. The quality, on the other hand, is different. Latex is mainly used for indoors.

Lak paint

Lak paint is used for wood (window frames). You can use lacquer paint both indoors and outdoors.

Tip: better buy too much paint, then too little! You never know what it is good for and otherwise, you have to go back to the store.

How much paint do I need?

1. Measure the height and width and multiply this so that you know the surface.
2. Measure the windows and doors and subtract this from the total number of square meters.
3. Usually, you apply 2x the paint layer. Multiply the surface twice 2.
4. Divide the entire area by the contents of the paint pot

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